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Industrial Microwave SystemsIMS has developed and patented designs for applying power to achieve rapid uniform microwave heating for continuous Planar (on a belt through a tunnel) and Cylindrical (pumpable fluids through a pipe) processes on a production scale. Standard modularized system designs are available using either 915 or 2450 MHzIndustrial Microwave Systems LtdWelcome to Industrial Microwave Systems · We are the European and International design manufacturer supplier of innovative commercial equipment for advance
Microwave Systems | Industrial Microwave Systems | 915 MHzIndustrial Microwave Systems · Small Batch Tempering Oven (MIP 4) · Watch Video: Haddock Tempering · Tempering Tunnel System (MIP 8) · Boost Heating & Industrial Microwave Systems | Thermex ThermatronIndustrial microwave systems from Thermex Thermatron for a wide range of industries. Expert sales, support and service with deep technical knowledgeHome | Industrial Microwave Systems | Systems, GeneratorsIndustrial Microwave Systems for Tempering, Heating, Drying and Bacon Cooking. 915 MHz Generators, 100 kW Circulators, 75 kW MagnetronsIndustrial Microwave Ovens | Continuous, Batch, GeneratorsSYSTEMS. Our industrial microwave ovens are widely popular among food processors for the efficiency and control they bring to the process. Whether the